Click delete for bad habits!

We all have some bad habits, of course I cannot name all of them here, but I can tell some most common things based on my observation, so firstly, let’s see if you have any of them:

1. Procrastination

2. Eat too much unhealthy food/drink/or smoking

3. Messy

4. Excessive worrying/being pessimistic

5. Spending too much time for smartphone/laptop/television 

6. Spend money for unecessary things without thinking twice

7. Do not know how to say “No”

8. Skipping breakfast

9. Not enough sleep (7 hour per day), sleep too late at night

10. Nail bitting/grinding your teeth/clench your jaw 

Just keep this simple, if your answer is “yes”, then what you need to do now, is find the “Delete” button and click it, change it from today, from now! Only you can do it, not anyone else can help you your whole life.

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