Volunteer Club

When I turned to grade 11, our school encourage students to organize some clubs. One of my friend decided to lead a community service club, and she ask me to become the head of communication for the club. At first, I feel kinda worried, since I had never been in a leader position before, but also excited, because I love trying new thing and spread the club charity activities to more people.  

In the recruiting member period, there were about more than 30 application forms, and we decided to accept most of them. Luckily, more than 90% of club members are responsible with the work, and that is all we need, because if you are not good, you can learn, if you do not know you can ask, but without the enthusiasm you can not do it for long.

The first project called “Tell the Jasmine”, this is a project we want to make as a small gift for Vietnamese women in 8/3 – International Women’sDay. We invited 3 guests – 3 women with different stories to interview, then invite them to a surprised party that we organised on our school roof top.

Here is the video: (Vietsub)


After that project, we got supports and there are more and more people like our fanpage. We were going to organize a field trip to a military, and some other projects … but then the Covid -19 came to Vietnam and every plans went wrong. So all we can do is staying at home and hope everyone safe.

During this time, as the leader of PR, I carried on my job and change the whole communication plan since we cannot do those projects anymore. Our team decided that each week, we would upload a post on Facebook with the criteria that the topic is familiar to students, the content is quality and must be inspiring. On April, we wrote posts about Covid-19: self protection-measures from Covid, analyze the situation at some countries, thanks to the doctors and authorities, etc.. 

When the pandemic is under control in Vietnam and the students were going to go back to school, that was May. So we were able to went on a charity trip to Lào Cai province and donated clothes and books for poor children there. The trip was very meaningful, I felt really happy because it could contribute to making their lives less difficult, even with a small help.

After this trip, we focused on studying for the final exam at school, so only after finishing the exam, we could carried on the next project, about LGBT community. This is a series of community activities under the project “Monde Coloré” – The world of colors. With the desire to bring the voice of LGBT people to everyone, we want to spread understanding and love, helping people to have a correct and humane view of the LGBT community, thereby sending with the message “Love has no label!”

The school year end, and I had a memorable year with the club VCSC. I learned many things, from teamwork skills, division of work, leadership skills, and most importantly, being able to deliver meaningful projects, and make a small contribution in spreading love for the community.

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