Jogging with Arys

Today is Sunday, the weather is beautiful, the air is fresh, so I decided to wake up early at 6:00am and go jogging in my residential area😎

I usually jog here.

Firstly, I go to the playground where there are some exercise equipments.

Let’s go inside!🙆

Fingerprint check🌈

I normally use this treadmill😂

Though not good as treadmill in Gym center but it helps me save money😅

After 10 minutes using this equipment as a warm-up exercise, I started real jogging😎

There are few people go outside on Saturday early morning.
Enjoy the beauty of nature.
Go to the top of the hill and look around, enjoying the fresh air and cool wind

After about 30 minutes jogging, I started to feel tired and decided to rest.

Maybe I should wear running shoes next time, lol 😅

7:00am already, so I go to my favourite restaurant to eat noodle soup.

Chicken Noodle Soup – One of famous Vietnamese Traditional Dishes🍜



It’s time for me to go home now, good bye and happy weekend💖

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