How does it feels when doing volunteer work?

There are many ways to contribute your small part to help other unprivileged people. Personally, I believe that everyone has a moral responsibility to do others a favor, which is an indication of give and take. Only by lending others a hand when they need us can we expect something in return. The experience of helping others made me feel at peace and more useful in life. 

In my tenth grade at Foreign Language Specialised School, I was a member in CNN English Club, one of the biggest and oldest clubs of CNN high school. This club is where I had a chance for the first time making a movie with my friends, having weekly meetings to learn English.

But the best activity of my club in my heart was the project called A Meal A Smile (AMAS). Every member donated money and we used the fund to cook rice, meat and vegetables, then delivered meals to patients in the K hospital on Quán Sứ street, Hanoi, Vietnam. We did this project in the summer 2019, and it lasted for one month.

Honestly, I think being able to help others made me happier than it did to them. It gave me inner satisfaction and made me feel to be a more responsible person in the society. 

AMAS has been an interesting and meaningful experience this summer. Once again, I was able to contribute in a volunteer activity, dividing rice rations and delivering them to each patient.

Thanks to A Meal A Smile 2019, I understand that the value of a meal is not only in the material, but it also appears on each recipient’s smile and happiness!

Although the weather in Hanoi is quite hot, what I feel is not the sun but the spirit of the volunteers. No matter how hot the sun is, we will always try to bring love to the patients!

“Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.” 

Sherry Anderson

Thank you for spending time reading my post ❤ Your support means a lot to me! 

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