Arys Summer Day Diary🌈

Hey guys, it is nearly the end of 2020 summer, and I am going back to school on September! I am lucky because in Vietnam, the pandemic is quite under control so students are going to come back school soon (until the moment)

So before I go to school and get ready for a school year full of stress (and memories with friends and teachers), I want to tell you about how usually a day in my summer goes, let’s go with me!


7:00: Wake up and help my mom cooking

7:45: Finished cooking, do my personal hygiene.

8:00: Eat breakfast, then go jogging for 20 minutes (I live in a residential area with a lot of green space, so it is really pleasured!


  • Maths (Yeah I followed an online course)
  • I watch the teaching video for 1 hour 😦

9:30: I play with my 3 – years old little sister ❤

10:00: I do math homework online 😦 (yeh I am a lazy girl, that’s why I insert sad face icon when it comes to study)

11:00: I watch Youtube: Anime, tik tok, movies,…

I believe many of you know this rich guy 🙂 – Balance Unlimited Anime

11:45: Cooking lunch!@@

12:00: Eat lunch and meanwhile listening to music (my fav genre are Vietnamese Pop, Piano, and Chinese songs)

12:30: Continue watching Youtube

13:00: Sleep @@


  • I usually turn on this jazz music to write blog ❤

15:30: I study Chinese (I will write a blog about how I learned Chinese in the Study Tips category later hehe)

Studying for HSK3 level

16:30:  Phew, let’s take a shower!

17:00: Do some little housework

17:30: Serious babysitting 🙂

18:30: Help my grandmom cooking dinner

19:30: Eat dinner!

20:30: Washing dishes, take a small break.

21:00: STUDY! – I will revise some Chinese new words I learned today. Then do mock test. (If I feel bored, maybe I will learn other subjects)

22:00: Check WordPress and read you guys comments, connect with other bloggers around the world (Yess this activity is the thing I like the most in my summer day! Love my you guys so much <3)

22:30: Do personal hygiene, skin care.

23:00: Go to sleep!! zz zz

So that is basically one day of of my summer this year! How about you? Do you share any similar activity like me (except eating and personal hygiene ofc)? Or do you have any other interesting activities in the summer, share with me, I am eager to get to know you guys more ❤

Although many of us have to restrict going out and follow social distance, but we can still create joy at home ourselves!

Remember, we are not stuck at home. We are blessed to have a home!

Dhar Man

Thank you so much for spending time reading my blogs ❤ Please follow me if you want to read more. Your support means a lot to me!

Love, Arys ❤

16 thoughts on “Arys Summer Day Diary🌈

  1. Hi Arys! Thanks for following by blog. Happy to connect with you! I enjoyed reading about your schedule. Sounds like a good day- I love writing while listening to Jazz music too. Glad you are doing well with Covid in Vietnam. I’m in the US and we are certainly in strange times.

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  2. Hi, Arys your post is great and I just have a suggestion for your own good. Before breakfast is the right time to jog if your goal is to lose body fat or to stay fit. Jogging is an aerobic activity and mostly uses fat as energy. When u jog empty stomach your glycogen levels are low as you did not eat anything and you just woke up after long hours of sleep. So your body turns on to burn fat as a source of energy. Hence, jogging before having your breakfast is ideal, it helps you to not get sick. You can check the google if you think I’m wrong it’s just I want everyone who believes in staying fit should achieve the target doing the right way. Keep blogging and stay healthy.

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