I broke the promise with my mom.

Have you ever failed to keep your promise to anyone? Today, I did, with the most important person of my life – my mom.

As you read in my previous diary post, I am nearsighted, in fact, since I was born. That is why I should limit using smartphone and other devices like laptops to keep my eyes healthy. I started to have my first phone in grade 6, and the first smart phone in grade 9.  Before I have them, I do not play video games: One, is because I do not really like them and I only play simple game like flappy bird; two, is to help my eyes healthy. So I just use my phone for calling, texting, social media and quick search.

Since 2019 summer, I was introduced to one online video game, called Identity V. This is a horror mobile game developed by NetEase. Below is the game poster:

As you can see, the graphic design is beautiful with the gothic art style, and I really like the storyline, the music and the gameplay of this game. But of course, the most obvious reason I like it is because the characters are well-designed, here is my main character Photographer:

So since then, I play this game about 30 minutes per day, sometimes 1 hour per day, but no more. Until March of this year 2020, my mom found out I play it, she told me that I am not allowed to play Identity V anymore. My mom find that this game is not like flappy bird at all, because it allow the player to play with other real player around the world and contain the addictive feature of a survival online game. I was scolded for playing Identity V, meanwhile, my mom started to analyse my eye health.

That day, I made a promise with her that, “I will not play Identity V anymore.”


After I tell her that, I deleted the game app on my phone immediately. I feel kinda fine with do not playing the game. But after 2 weeks, one of my friend who also play Identity V tell me that there is going to have 1 give away A skin event in the game. And I really want to have the A skin for my main character, so I… downloaded the game again.

But…, even when after the event finish, I still play it 30 minutes per day with my friends, since I told myself that as long as doing this does not harm anyone then it is OK. But then today, my mom found out when she took my phone for checking time, then see the message pop up, which I am chatting about Identity V with my friend.

She was so disappointed at me, because I failed to keep the promise with her. When I saw her disappointment, I felt ashamed and sad that I made her didn’t trust me. Although playing games like me is not much, but because of worrying about my eyes, my mother did not let me play that kind of game.

I’m was wrong, because if something can’t be done, then I shouldn’t promise. If I have promised something, I should have tried my best to do it.

She still haven’t talk to me back yet…

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