I do not like online study (Diary 11/8/2020)

Haiz. Even when the teachers teaching style are good, I still prefer studying in offline class. Let me tell you my experience with this learning method.

Today is another summer day, I am turning to grade 12th, preparing for the university entrance exam, so yeah, as you see,  I have to learn 12th mathematics in the summer so that in the school year I had time to review and do advanced homework (to get high score and go to pretigious university). I will enroll in block D, which in Vietnamese educational system, include math, literature and English tests. And of course, I will do social science test (History, Geography and civic education), since I do not like studying natural science subjects like chemistry.

Back to the point, as we are in this Covid -19 pandemic, my mother do not allow me going to offline math class. So I bought a math online course and try to learn it myself at home. Before you read, I have to say, I agree that online class are effective with many students, but not me.Here are why:

1. Get distracted: If you have read the “WHO AM I” post, then you would know one of my weakness is being easily distracted. So when I study with my laptop, sometimes, I cannot control my hand but click on another tab (eg: youtube), then stop the teaching video to watch it. Haiz every time I all feel very dissapointed at myself :<

2. I hate it when looking at the computer screen for a long time. Watching hour -teaching videos and do online homework made me feel so boring, and also, my eyes are nearsighted so the less using computer the better.

3. We have friends to discuss tasks (mainly nonsense talk though) when studying in an offline class.

4. Interaction with real human is always the best for me.

5. The last thing, and the most important, SAVE TIME. With the same lesson, I can finish it by listening to a 45-minute lecture with the teacher, but it can take 2 hours if I watch the video lecture online. Because I don’t have someone to ask when I don’t understand a certain issue in my lecture. And yes, I cannot pause the real teacher but I can pause the video, so again, I waste my time on nonsense thing.

I am trying to fix this issue by slapping my face every time I do so 🙂 (yeah let be honest, even if we have a timetable, we can easily click on a youtube tab if we do not have good self – regulation)

How about you? What are your so far experience with online class? What are the thing you like and things you dislike? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below!

P/s: If you have the same feeling with me, let see if we can fix this problem together. I will try my best, strengthening my self – regulation, and you?

4 thoughts on “I do not like online study (Diary 11/8/2020)

  1. Here’s an idea! Whenever you have a thought to do something else while the lecture, you can write it down on a post-it and tell yourself that you’ll be doing it when the lecture is over. I hope it helps

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