Uncertainty for my future (15-year-old- Arys’s thought)

“Hello, I do not really have a dream job, I do not really understand myself.

I have been thinking about this issue for a quite long time. When I was a kid, I thought I liked cooking, I wanted to be a famous chef. I started to learn some recipe on the internet, helping my mom with meals and learning from her. But gradually, I started to get bored of it, to be honest, especially the preparing process. I am only interested in trying new dishes, but I feel really bored when it comes to cooking family ordinary dishes. I feel I cannot regard this as a professional career.

I live without thinking much about this issue during the middle school years, cause I knew there was plenty of time. After finishing the high school entrance exam, I started to enjoy my students’ life, studying, playing, joining clubs, and doing social activities. The above question still lingers in my mind… I joined one workshop, and the speaker told us to do some career/personality tests. It was obvious to me that I am suitable for working in the business industry and studying social subjects. At this time, everything started to be less uncertain, though still not absolutely clear.

Until the time being, I still cannot say for sure which specific job I want to do in the future, but I think it is not a big problem since we can experience more and understand ourselves more, day by day. 

I know that I am not suitable for jobs in medicine, engineering, and computers. So, the left I can do, but I don’t really like anything. Actually, there is one job I like, which is being an actress, but… I cannot pursue it, due to many reasons related to appearance and money.

My family work in economics, and I feel kinda interested in studying economics (as I study AP Econ before), so I am going to the Business Management Department in university, but as I mentioned before, I am not really sure about which major to go to: Marketing, Finance,… or Business Management? 

Everything is like a mess to me right now… For my whole student life, I have been so focused on academic study and extracurricular activities to build up my student portfolio, but this important thing – MY DREAM – I still do not know yet.

But life is long, and I have just passed 16 years of it, so maybe something ahead is waiting for me to discover. A new chance, a new person,… I will grasp my opportunity, grow up and try to understand myself, understand what I need more.”

— Arys in grade 10 —-

7 thoughts on “Uncertainty for my future (15-year-old- Arys’s thought)

  1. Hello, Arys! I know what it’s like to not know what your future career should be. My advice to you would be to go with your heart no matter what others say. You seem to be trying to rationalize things instead of listening to your heart.

    Also, you said that you did personality tests. But have you ever done an astrological birth chart reading? There are websites where you can create your free astrological chart. I did one a couple years ago and it confirmed what I’ve always felt a passion for – writing and art! Yet I had been heading down a career in the sciences, feeling out of place. Try the one at astrolibrary.org/free-birth-chart and let me know how it goes.

    Good luck!

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      1. No, I left it and I’m a full-time freelance writer now. But you are much younger than I was when I made that decision. I worked in that career for 3 years before I got the courage to quit. Sometimes in life, you have to go down the wrong path first so that you will appreciate the right path when you finally find it.

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