5 Methods to Relieve Stress

All of you may have once felt under pressure. It can be the pressure from friends, where you find many of them are striving hard to achieve good scores, it can be the pressure from your family high expectation,… But, as far as I know, there is one another kind of pressure that lasts long if you cannot realize it, which is self-pressure. It is important to try to relieve pressure since it can cause an emotional breakdown, conflict with your loved one, or exhaustion.

Here are some advice you can take to know how to chill a little when life is stressful for you. Although stress is one factor that boosts you to get higher achievement, remember, we work for a better life, not live to work.

1. Think positive:

Some people think that positive thinking will prevent us from trying to do that job well or make us want to stop trying in life. But I think positive thinking will help us get things done more efficiently. Remember the compliments you received from other people, the achievements you have made to feel more confident in yourself. When you are confident and love yourself, you will have the motivation and strength to complete many tough challenges that are coming.

2. Do not compare yourself to others and accept your weakness:

Each of us has our strengths, no one can be good at everything. So there may be times when you feel stressed when the guy sitting next to you is better at math than you, or when the girls around you are better at drawing? But remember, you are an independent individual with your talents, so do not pressure yourself when you find you are not as good at this as other people, but try to do it at your best ability and promote things you are good at.

3. Balance work and the life:

Some people think that a busy life can prove that you are trying. But as I wrote above, we work to live, not live to work. So balancing the two things is important. You need to understand the difference between an exciting busy life and a stressful life. You may have a busy job, but you should find joy in it, create fun in your work. At the end of the day, ask yourself if you feel too pressured to work? Spend more time with yourself, family, and close friends, nurture relationships, and take care of yourself with better sleep and exercises.

4. Pour your heart:

There are times when you feel tired and want to give up all. So, saying that may make your heart less sad. You can confide with a close friend you trust, or you can also write down your thoughts in a diary. Give yourself a break at the end of the day, with a cup of hot coffee and a book, it is time to love yourself.

5. Do not set a too high expectation for yourself:

I know that many of you want to develop your career path and become successful, but everything takes time. Instead of pushing yourself too hard in a short time, do not have enough sleep and meals, you should set short term and long term goals that suitable with your ability so you can follow them and try gradually every day to achieve your goal.

Hope that these small tips can help you relieve stress and balance your life. Wish you a good day!

I don’t live to work, I work to live.

Noel Gallagher

23 thoughts on “5 Methods to Relieve Stress

  1. I enjoyed reading this post of yours! Very helpful and insightful. I think you brought up a great point in your last tip as to not set your expectations too high. Your tips are very reasonable and thoughtful! I know I could use some of them. Keep posting! I’ve enjoyed reading your stuff! I look forward to seeing your future posts!

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    1. I like her too, and my most fav character is Draco, idk why but I like this rich arrogant boy. Maybe I can somehow understand that everyone has their own reasons to be like the way they are now, and to the case of this guy, he was raised by his parents who also hate muggles and arrogant, so he was negatively influenced.

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