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I love having some time alone (lying down) to think about my purpose in life, existence, concerns, goals, orientation for the future, and then gradually falling asleep. Love writing diary, and whenever inspired, I would write fanfiction. Still, I like hanging out with my close friends, doing social activities, and travelling.

– Gentle

Everyone said so. It is like a charisma that people can easily recognise when they contact with me. Also, it’s hard for me to hate someone even though that person take advantage of me, but I still see their good points, then just annoyed and find a way to not being related to them.

– Kind

Actually, it depends on people. Whoever is good to me, I will be twice as good. For normal friends, when they have problems, I usually ready to listen and help in my ability. For people that is not really good friend, I … still afraid to refuse helping them

– Friendly, approachable – easy going

I’m easy to talk to others, including new acquaintances. If my intuition tell me that you are worth it, I will happily talk to you.

– There are times I am lazy, just wants to sleep and lie on the phone, then regrets and learn more.

Actually, I’m not a hard worker, really. Being rational, I am still awake and aware enough to drag me on the goals I have set. So I still maintain a balanced lifestyle between learning and playing.

– Easy to be touched by touching situations:

If you need to find a girl who can easily cry over a moved short clip, then you find the right person.

– Inquisitive, progressive

Actually, in the past, I was lazy to study, but since I was in 8th grade, gradually I felt that I lived without orientation and quite neglected myself, so I started reading many self-help books, and gradually became more purposeful. I realized that knowledge and skills are very important, I need to learn to have a good future, be happy, have money to go to the places I like, do what I want, so I work hard to accumulate knowledge and find opportunities to learn from others.

– Confident and optimistic

Since going to secondary school, attending a private school according to international standards, I and my classmates are encouraged by their teachers to express their opinions and confidently participate in many school activities. So I became more confident. As for optimism, since I was a kid, I often think that everything has a solution, it’s just that I dare to put in the effort to do it or not.

– Adventurous

What spooky, risky games I like. Going to the park only to find thrills. Like to find youtube find ghost story video. And since playing with Duong, Mai, Khanh, we played We escape for a long time. I am a real ghost story. I am not afraid of ghosts, but at night, I am covered with blankets with strong belief that the blanket will protect me


– Writing diary and fanfiction


– Debating

– Singing, piano, ukulele

– Chatting with friends, having deep conversation.

– Read detective, romance, self – help book


– sympathetic to others

– can do some basic media skills like editing video/design

– enthusiasm in community activities, learning, …

– ability to communicate well.

– good presentations and arguments

– effective teamwork

– responsible and careful at work

– flexible when dealing with situations


– Observations are not good

– Currently not really have life passion.

– sometimes careless, easily get distracted

20 thoughts on “WHO AM I?

    1. I am from the capital Hanoi of Vietnam. It is great to know a foreigner like my country in this WordPress platform. If you go to Hanoi one day, I would be happy to be the tour guide for you and recommend you try some delicious traditional Vietnamese dishes in the Old Quater area😘


  1. agrawalprayer

    Describing oneself with the right set of words is a difficult task (in my opinion) and let me tell that you have done a great job at it. You seem an amazing person to be acquainted with. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Started following you today. Thank you for following me on “His Eternal Word” and for reading “Sin’s Enticement”. Looking forward to reading more of your writings. Have a great week-end. God bless you and stay healthy and safe.



  3. Travellover

    Hi, I love debating too. What debating competition have u enrolled in? And I also like reading detective novels and being a big fan of Sherlock Holmes 🙆


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